Our inspiration is in the high quality mounting
HOST-Expo 2019

Why an electronic lock and not a common door key?

1. First thing you will avoid further issues. We offer authentic high quality products with 5 years guarantee. We all know how unpleasant it is to change a door lock during the high season, excusing in front of nervous customers or worrying if a guest will leave the hotel together with the door key.
2. Why contactless technology ? – Because it eliminates all inconveniences caused by the classic locks and magnet cards. The cryptographic Mifare technology removes the risk of losing any data from the card, demagnetization or failure due to prolonged usage. Just put the card close to the lock and the door is unlocked – thats it.
3. Do you need to close the hotel for prolonged repair period? – NO, our door locks installing is cable-less – no breaking, drilling or other inconvenience. Additionally, we can install on all types of doors – old and new or different sizes.
4. Our system works with easy to use software, translated into Bulgarian with multiple functionalities. No need to pay for expensive software products or organizing long trainings. With our software everything is simple and easy.
5. Last but not least – we have a well developed interface for easy integration with the most widely used software solutions for hotel system management, like Clock, Microinvest, Eltour 95, etc