Electronic lock Standart 32
Electronic lock Slim-12

Electronic lock Classic-14

The electronic hotel lock of Kamsec provides a high level of security and also is a stylish addition to
the interior of the hotel or office.
It works with Mifare encrypted cards and has the option for emergency unlock by a mechanical key.
The power supply are 4 psc of AA batteries that provide a long service life.

The wireless installation ensures to the maximum extent the smooth putting into operation of the
entire system without any disturbing of the buildings vision.
The locks construction is a five-cylinder locking mechanism according to an American standard. The
surfaces are treated by a Japanese technology that ensures the high durability and corrosion
resistance of the metal parts.
The lock can be operated in one of the following two modes:
Stand-alone mode: memory capacity – up to 200 cards; master card management – adding or
deleting cards; deleting of a specific card number or all at once; cards with special features;
Hotel mode: management with a special software and reader for the reception; card programming
with one click; guest cards and cards with special purposes; authorising users with different access
rights etc. The lock has a built-in memory for 992 events, including unlock with a mechanical key. The
information can be downloaded in seconds using a special data card and after that can be analyzed
through the software.
Two operating modes: stand-alone mode or hotel mode
Built-in clock;
Alarm function when the door is not closed well;
LED indication for door locked from the inside;
Emergency unlock function with special card or mechanical key;
Built-in memory for 992 events
feature “Blocking of a Lost Card” – through the software;
Alarm function for weak batteries – after the first signalization it can unlock the door about 100 times
Function for saving the batteries in stand-by mode.

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