Possibilities of our systems:

Electronic locks with a built-in memory:
All events for unlocking with a card or mechanical key are stored in the locks memory and can be analyzed by the software
Wireless Technology:
Enables easy installation without digging or other disturbance of the buildings vision
Complete professional montage for the old and the new doors:
There is no need of any preliminary preparations of the doors.
Real Energy Savings:
The Energy Saving Contactor works only with the card from the corresponding room. The power cannot be turned on with, for instance, a small calendar or even with another card from the same hotel.
Full access control:
Once the guest is registered, the record for it cannot be deleted from the software
Encrypted cards:
Copying these cards is practically impossible
Convenience in the hotel management:
A possibility for assigning of different operator rights and also a possibility for issuing of cards with different priorities
Software in English:
Intuitive, extremely easy to use. It has many possibilities.
Common and other doors:
The system allows setting of doors with different purposes and different access levels.